Thursday, March 19, 2020

What doesn't it mean to be pro-Israel?

On March 6, the Jerusalem Post published an article by Hillel Schenker entitled "What does being 'pro-Israel' actually mean?" That naturally brings to mind the question "What doesn't it mean to be pro-Israel?" The following is a partial answer. - Alan Stein

Being pro-Israel doesn't mean blaming Israel for the lack of negotiations when it was Mahmoud Abbas who walked away in 2008 and it was Abbas' foreign minister who more than three years ago proudly announced the Palestinian Arabs would never again negotiate directly with Israel.

Being pro-Israel doesn't mean criticizing the American president for acknowledging Israel's capital is Israel's capital and ending the perverse situation where only in Israel was the American embassy not in the host country's capital.

Being pro-Israel doesn't mean insisting Israel make even more one-sided, unreciprocated and counterproductive concessions to the Palestinian Arabs.

Being pro-Israel doesn't mean criticizing an American peace plan as unrealistic because it doesn't recycle all the others that have so dismally failed over the last quarter century.

Being pro-Israel doesn't mean welcoming and giving a platform to those supporting the BDS movement aimed at destroying Israel.

Being pro-Israel doesn't mean pretending boycotting Israel is a matter of free speech rather than malicious action.

Being pro-Israel doesn't mean reserving almost all your criticism for Israel while giving the Palestinian Arabs a free pass even as they blatantly violate almost all their commitments under the Oslo accords, continue to refuse to negotiate, incite against Israel and reward terrorists for murdering Israelis.

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