Friday, March 24, 2017

(List of) Inconvenient Truths the Anti-Zionists Don’t Want People to Know

(A PDF file with this list, in a format suitable for printing and distributing, is available on the PRIMER-Connecticut website ( in the "Resources for Activists" area.)

Zionism is, at its essence, the national liberation movement of the Jewish people.

Anti-Zionists deny the right of the Jewish people to our own nation.

Denying that right to the Jewish people, while promoting it for others, is anti-Semitic.

Until relatively recently, the people today calling themselves Palestinians were insisting they weren't Palestinian.

The PLO has never removed the articles in its charter calling for the destruction of Israel.

Israel and the disputed territories take up less than a quarter of what constituted Palestine at the time of the British Mandate.

Historically, Jerusalem has never held much interest for Arabs or Muslims except during those times when it was controlled by others.

Jerusalem has been at the heart and soul of the Jewish people since King David made it his capital about 3,000 years ago.

The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 makes this statement of official United States policy: "Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel."

The term "West Bank" is relatively new.

Only a handful, perhaps 50,000, of the so-called Palestinian refugees are really refugees. The youngest of the refugees are now 68 years old and have no recollection of ever living in what is now Israel. 

Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas is in the twelfth year of his four year term. Abbas is no moderate, has shown no inclination to make a peace agreement with Israel and has neither the ability nor the authority to do so even if he wanted.

The Christian community is increasing and thriving in just one country in the Middle East: Israel. It's being decimated in the Palestinian Authority and Hamas-run Gaza. Under the Palestinian Authority, Bethlehem has turned from a Christian city to a Muslim city.

The proportion of civilian casualties in the Gaza wars has been amazingly low compared to the norm for post-World War II conflicts. General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,  said "Israel went to extraordinary lengths to limit collateral damage and civilian casualties." Israel has been criticized by international military leaders for setting a standard their countries are unwilling to match.

The Palestinian Arabs have shown far more interest in there not being a Jewish state than in having one of their own.

Mahmoud Abbas has admitted he's responsible for the continuation of the conflict.

Mahmoud Abbas has told his people he will never compromise on any of the key issues. 

Abbas rejects the very concept of a two-state solution.

Abbas bluntly told President Obama he would not commit to an "end of conflict.”

Abbas demands ethnic cleansing.

Mahmoud Abbas was a prime instigator of the year-long and counting wave of knifings, shootings and vehicular attacks.

In Israel, Arabs comprise nearly a quarter of the population. They have full, equal rights.

The BDS movement is anti-Zionist and thus inherently and irredeemably anti-Semitic.

Mahmoud Abbas refuses to make peace with Israel, defames and slanders Israel at every opportunity, but when push comes to shove he knows Israel is his only friend.

The "illegally occupied territories" aren't even occupied. They are disputed territories and Israel has a strong legal claim to them.

The "1967 borders" were never borders.

The Palestinian Arab leadership accepted the Israeli presence in the disputed territories and depends on it.

Hundreds of national groups are more deserving of statehood than the Palestinian Arabs.

Israel is the front line state in the fight against fanatical, Islamist terrorists.

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