Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chemo vs Grads

No doubt, you have heard the news reports that Palestinian terrorists in Gaza are once again firing short and long range missiles into Israeli cities.  Totally unprovoked.  Yesterday, I happened to be visiting friends in the southern city of Ashdod and we were enjoying a quiet afternoon meal in their home when the air raid sirens began their ominous shrill.  Immediately, twelve of us huddled into their bomb shelter that doubles as a walk-in cabinet and we waited in absolute silence (as Israelis do) to hear “the boom”.  Hear it we did as a long-range grad missile landed not terribly far away.  It was time to head back home to the north.  During that drive, we listened intently to the news while additional barrages of grads were launched against Israeli civilian population centers.     

Today in Emek, I was leading a group of visitors from England on a tour of our School for Hospitalized Children.  I introduced the group to Arrif and his fifteen year old son, Mohammed.  They come from Gaza.  They have been ‘living’ in Emek for ten months as young Mohammed is being treated for severe facial cancer.  Arrif speaks fluent Hebrew and I conducted a simultaneously translated Q&A session between him and the British visitors …
Q.  How do you feel here, among the Jews of Israel?
A.  Perfectly normal and at ease.  Grateful – so very grateful.
Q.  What does your family back in Gaza say about Mohammed’s treatment here?
A.  They are amazed and they send their sincere gratitude.  They cannot believe what has and is being done for Mohammed and me.
Q.  Do you know that missiles are again being fired from Gaza into Israeli cities?
A.  Yes.  I am ashamed.  The politicians and extremists are not “the people”.  We only want to live a normal life alongside you.    


Many ask, considering the asymmetrical vortex we are caught in … why do you help ‘them’?  The answer is simple – because that is who we are.  

It’s chemo vs grads.  You decide what and who is the problem. 

Support Emek … an example the world can learn from.

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