Friday, June 10, 2011

Stop Rewarding Palestininian Arabs for Bad Behavior

This was submitted as a letter to the Hartford Courant but was not published.

It is unfortunate that the article, "Pressure rises for Israel to offer peace plan," published April 21, is mostly accurate; that reality bodes ill for the chances of an Arab-Israeli peace.

The article does contain at least one blatant factual error, incorrectly referring to "1967 borders" despite the fact that no borders, only temporary armistice lines, existed at that time, but that error doesn't negate the general accuracy of the article.

The core of the Arab-Israeli conflict has always been the refusal of the Arabs in the Middle East to accept and live in peace with that modern, liberal, Western-oriented and democratic Jewish state of Israel. In order to promote peace, that rejectionism has to be undermined.

The current so-called impasse has been orchestrated by the supposedly "moderate" leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, who refuses to even pretend to negotiate and has repeatedly insisted he will never make any meaningful concessions.

Pressuring Israel merely rewards Abbas for his bad behavior. It is bad for Israel, bad for America, bad for the West and it is even bad for the Palestinian Arabs, since it helps perpetuate their self-induced misery.

It's time to stop appeasing Arab rejectionism and start applying pressure where it will be helpful rather than harmful.

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