Sunday, December 19, 2010

Letter to the Hartford Courant

This letter was submitted to the Hartford Courant December 4, 2010, but was never published.

To the editor:

I had to laugh at the way, according to the article "Abbas: Self-rule at risk," published Saturday, December 4, the Palestinian Arab leader yet again threatened to dissolve the Palestinian Authority if the "U.S.-backed peace negotiations broke down."

There are no peace negotiations to break down, since Abbas refuses to engage in peace negotiations with Israel.

Through many years and through many governments, Israel has proven it is committed to peace, making many concessions and expressing the willingness to make even more.

Unfortunately, Israel can't make peace alone; it needs a partner prepared to meet it partway. Even Mahmoud Abbas has effectively said he is not that partner, recently admitting that if he was willing to show "flexibility on these issues the peace agreement would have been signed a long time ago."


Alan Stein

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There is NO Santa Claus said...

Somewhere in the Wikileaks document, I think there's a cable predicting that Abbas won't survive 2011. He's too weak to cut a deal and the U.S. diplomats know it. Why the O'Bama Administration spent the past two years berating Israel for a lack of progress in these "peace talks" demonstrates that our President is no friend of Israel.

I was hoping Jimmy Carter would just quietly die of old age someday. Unfortunately, we can see for ourselves that Jimmy has someone already lined up to follow him.