Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reply to a Screed by Rasheed

The New Haven Register regularly published op-eds by Jamilah Rasheed, coordinator of the Connecticut Islamic Speakers Bureau. Rasheed's commentaries are almost invariably anti-Israel screeds, filled with misinformation, disinformation and outright false information. Ironically, her e-mail address is
One of her screeds was published Wednesday, November 17. Edward Wood, not taken in by her propaganda, immediately submitted the following letter in response.

    Jamilah Rasheed's latest Forum piece was entitled, "U.S.
needs 'sincere partner' for peace," and, as is her custom, heaps
contempt on Israel as being the offending party. Unfortunately, the
facts do not argue in her favor. 

    Ever since Israel came to exist in 1948 its enemies,
including the present day Palestinians and their spiritual brethren in
the nations which surround it have openly declared that their true
intentions are for Israel to cease to exist altogether. Whether by the
smaller acts of terrorism in the streets of Israel's cities or open
warfare involving national armies, the evidence of this goal is

    The so-called peace talks which have ensued at various times
in the last 60 years have demonstrated by its concessions how very much
Israel would like to live in peace with its intractable foes and have
for their efforts only been rewarded with further hostility and hatred. 

    The unfortunate part of this is that a lie repeated often
enough begins to sound like the truth. The unending propaganda generated
by Rasheed and her like-minded apologists around the world has been very
successful in pointing the finger of blame at the wrong party. 

    I personally find it incredible how the world community can
overlook the atrocities Muslim-controlled governments inflict even on
their own people and side with them against a small and victimized
country whose freedom and democracy is a beacon of hope in a region of
the world largely controlled by 

    I'm here to send the message that there are those of us out
here who are not fooled by the anti-Israeli, anti-American rhetoric
which gushes out in such an unending torrent and is totally unsupported
by reality. 

Edward Wood

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