Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Deliberately Misreading the Holocaust

This letter was published in the Waterbury Republican-American July 7, 2010 in response to a letter which maliciously tried to associate Israel with Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, the headline given the letter also distorted its message.

Israel's Existence Makes Another Holocaust Unlikely

In regard to the June 30 letter "Another Lesson of History Is Forgotten," there are significant differences between the situations regarding Hitler's Nazi Germany and the Hamas' Gaza Strip.

In both cases, there were maniacal regimes bent on the genocide of the Jewish people, but at least today the Jewish people have their own country, Israel, to defend them. While the calculus will change if Hamas' patrons, the fanatical mullahs in charge of Iran, succeed in their quest for nuclear weapons, it is highly unlikely Hamas will manage to slaughter 6 million Jews.

One difference: The Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto did little to help their Nazi oppressors, but Israel is sending massive amounts of humanitarian aid to the Arabs living in Gaza.

In one way, however, the situation today is worse than during the Holocaust. The world was indifferent when the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto rose up to defend themselves. Today, the world is far from indifferent and immediately condemns Israel every time it tries to do anything to defend itself from Arab terrorism.

Alan Stein

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