Sunday, December 27, 2009

Norwegian Doctor Thinks He's From Sweden

Erik Fosse may be from Norway, but he must think he's from Sweden since he suffers from a cousin of the Stockholm Syndrome, the malady which causes hostages to sympathize with their abductors.

Fosse has long supported the Hamas terrorists.

During Operation Cast Lead, when Israel finally responded to nearly a decade of rockets launched by Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza against its civilians, Fosse went to Gaza and broadcast Hamas propaganda from one of the hospital's Hamas had commandeered so it could use its basement as headquarters.

Back in Gaza and attending a Hamas rally, Fosse just got stabbed by an Arab for whom Fosse's support obviously wasn't good enough.

Naturally, Fosse didn't blame Hamas or his attacker for the stabbing; he blamed "the west," saying "I take it as a sign of how desperate people are. They have cause to be dissatisfied with the west."

This even though Fosse acknowledged he was stabbed "because I was the only blond westerner present."

As Tundra Tabloids points out, "There's the racism for you, this Lefty doctor KNOWS that the Arabs are racists, yet he continues to pimp their propaganda because he believes it helps to chip away at the credibility of Israel and the west that he hates."

For more on this incident, read this post on Tundra Tabloids.

I take Fosse's irrational reaction to his being the victim of a terror attack to be just one more illustration of the depth of hatred so many fanatics have for the only liberal, Western-oriented democracy in the Middle East.

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