Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An Open Letter to Closed Minds

This item is full of ironies. It was posted to the Palestinian Christians mailing list on Yahoo Groups.

Among the ironies is that the writer clearly implies Zionists have closed minds, but it equally clearly demonstrates the writer has a closed mind and his letter is designed to those who mindlessly oppose and hate Israel.

It was posted with the included graphic and the caption "An olive tree and a Palestinian mother, nothing is more genuine!"

Open letter to the closed minds

Posted by: Raja Chemayel chemayelraja@yahoo.co.uk to PalestinianChristians@yahoogroups.com.
Date: Sun Oct 5, 2008

An olive tree and a Palestinian mother,
nothing is more genuine!

Open your eyes........
the Israelis are not even Semites!
Open your ears,
they cannot pronounce the Semitic "HA"
nor they cannot pronounce the Semitic "DA"

Open your intellect,
their language is artificial and re-invented
Open your eyes,
they are Peruvians, Latvians and Ethiopians
invited in, by the Polish, Russians and the Ukrainians..........
on the account of the Americans.

Open your mouths......
they have copied our Falafel, Shaourma
and even our Hommos are called "Israeli"

It is not a joke,
they falsified history and ethnology
they re-wrote the Bible and the Old Testament was re-edited.

Nothing they are, is correct nor real:
not their race
nor their nation
nor their culture
nor their origins
nor their language
nor their ideology
nor their identities

They even have created the United Nations,
just to issue for them
"a license to steal land"
and" false identity-cards"
and ever since that day (1948), all and each
United Nation's resolution was either against them
or even condemning them......

Even if your hearts will remain closed,
open, at least, your minds, please!! and look objectively:
60 years of occupation
4 million refugees
4 million occupied
6 wars plus 3 invasions
the biggest reason for the existence of Terrorism
(if ever terrorism existed)

Open your eyes.....
even a blind-man can understand this letter.
Unless if he is not blind, but just a pro-Zionism.

Sherlock Hommos
not, at all, blind
Fourth day in October 2008

Until Israel's enemies start opening their minds, there is no realistic hope for peace.

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