Thursday, July 31, 2008

Arabs' tragedy

This letter, written by PRIMER Vice President Mark Trencher, was published July 31 in the Greenwich Time and in the Stamford Advocate.

I am writing in response to the letter "Palestinians' Day" printed July 24. It refers to May 15 as Nakba Day, a day of catastrophe for the Palestinians.

What a shame that the Arab states uniformly rejected the partition plan that was agreed to and passed by the United Nations. That plan called for the creation of a Palestinian state and a Jewish state, side by side. At that time, the entire area was much more sparsely populated than it is today, and there was plenty of room for all to live in peace.

But the Arab states, with a geographic area more than 600 times the size of Israel, refused to live in peace. Instead, six Arab armies invaded Israel just hours after it was established, with the purpose of destroying Israel; and those efforts - to destroy Israel instead of showing a willingness to live together in peace - continue to this day.

Yes, it is indeed a day of catastrophe - but the catastrophe is that 60 years later, the Arab states still simply cannot tolerate a few Jews living in their midst in peace. That is the source of the catastrophe, and perhaps one day enlightened Arab leadership will show true willingness to live together in peace.

Mark L. Trencher
West Hartford

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