Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What Cease Fire?

From IDF forces kill two Palestinian militants in the West Bank published in Haaretz:

Also early Tuesday, Palestinian militants from Gaza fired a mortar shell at the western Negev, in the first such strike since a cease-fire went into effect in the coastal territory. No injuries or damage were caused.

From Mortar fired at Negev despite ceasefire; no injuries Shell fired by Palestinian in Gaza lands near Israeli community in first breach of agreed upon truce in Ynet:

A mortar fired by Palestinian gunmen in Gaza early Monday morning landed in Israel's western Negev region.

The shell landed in an open area in close proximity to a community, but no injuries or damage were reported.

The incident was the first breach of the ceasefire agreement reached between Israel and armed Palestinian groups in the Strip, which went into effect Thursday morning.

According to the Egyptian-mediated deal, after a few days of calm Israel is supposed to begin easing restrictions and allow the transfer of large amounts of food, gas, construction materials and other goods into Gaza through the Karni and Sufa crossings.

It would seem to appear that, according to the ambiguous terms of the "ceasefire," terrorists are allowed to attack from Gaza as long as they don't do it enough to bring about an Israeli response.

On the other hand, Primerprez has already been surprised that the ceasefire lasted this long. He does have mixed feelings. He would be delighted if the ceasefire was a real one and was permanent, but expects that, like previous farces, will prove to simply be an opportunity for the Arab terrorists to build up their ability to murder innocent Israelis.

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