Monday, March 28, 2016

Terror attacks in Brussels should serve as eye-opener; time to demand U.S. government have a strategy to combat ISIS

Thanks to Chana Givon:

Dear everyone,

The very recent simultaneous terrorist acts in Brussels should serve as an eye-opener for Americans. It took more than 30 lives and injured at least 270 people - some still being identified. Not only are all of these casualties but their families and friends are deeply wounded as well. We weep for them and for all of the innocents who will in the future become victims. ISIS has since announced that it is releasing 400 more terrorists to wreak havoc all across Europe. This should serve as a serious warning for Americans as well.

It is time to demand that the U.S. government have a strategy to combat ISIS; there must be an organized international response to this and other terrorist organizations. They must first be identified as radical Islamists and war declared against them with the distinct purpose of destroying them - not containing them. While they may represent but a 'small' percentage of Muslims, they are recruiting and growing in numbers and are supported by those who may not be actively involved in the killing but champion their cause. 

Please - for your own understanding - watch the video made by Raheel Raza - the first link below. We live in critical times in world history; the world has shrunk and one cannot ignore what is happening elsewhere.

It is frightening to see the lack of real understanding of the enemies of Western civilization.  It is time to understand that the tragedy that has unfolded in the Middle East with the effort to ethnically cleanse Christians, Kurds, and Yazidis, also included attacks against Jews In Palestine during the last century.  Fortunately, Israel today stands as a haven for Jews who were expelled from Arab/ Muslims countries but today a nuclear Iran is a global threat.  It is important to understand that Israel is not the problem regardless of the enemy's propaganda; the country is a victim of the same terrorism that is now being visited upon Europe. 

There are approximately 22 Muslim enclaves in the U.S. - ( why not call them 'settlements') and no-go zones where there is no entry to anyone not belonging. Members are given military training.  Why?  Not difficult to understand when one knows that it has existed in Europe, too, and we know what has happened there.  No more need be said.

Chana   ( This is a most important video by a Muslim woman who clearly articulates the truth about her religion; so educational in these confusing times)  Worthy of being forwarded to others.

Just a few choices regarding just a few of the  Muslim Brotherhood members in the U.S. government

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