Friday, August 21, 2015

We Shall Overcome

Dear Friends,

Thank you deeply for the incredible interest my last Newsletter evoked.

I received several suggestions on the need of spreading the message. In most cases I rely on our readers that they will forward the message to their friends and acquaintances and urge them to spread it to their reading circle. Of course, the wider the readership the better.

Several people asked me whether I noted any serious impact on readers. I must admit this is difficult to tell. One lady wrote that in her home they now have only one kind of soda, and that is Sodastream.

Experience taught me that "some people stop at nothing" - meaning that they will do nothing whatsoever which doesn't agree with their opinion, taste and outlook, no matter how it effects nation, state, economy, or the globe's ecology.

Several readers called my attention to one of BDS's last stunts when it tried to prevent the well-known American-Jewish singer, Matisyahu's appearance at the Spanish festival in Valencia this week until he signs a statement denouncing Zionism in agreement "with the BDS political agenda". The singer refused and ultimately the Spaniards reversed their decision and allowed his appearance. Halleluyah!!! A rare victory.

One family member asked me if it wouldn't be fair to let it be known that Daniel Birnbaum, the CEO of Sodastream is my son. The truth is that even if Shloimi Pupik, or Judi Spitzl were the CEO, I would try to passionately persuade my fellow brothers and sisters, and everyone ready to listen, that the Israeli economy, including Ahava and Sodastream and Israeli universities and academic and technological institutions need our support and our defense from the satanic and lying BDS. Wherever only possible it is time to counter the destructive BOYCOTT by BUY-COTT (in the words of the Canadian Labor Minister Jason Kenney following his last visit to Israel).

A lady from New Zealand called to my attention that BDS is also extremely active in Australia, South Africa and Japan.

My dear friends, this long-neglected issue needs our full attention and urgent action to make up for the time when we sat with hands folded. (As the famous Yiddish song from the Shoa period plaintively said: "Un ir shtet un kukt azoi tzi mit farlegte hend"). Remember, the BDS is not only out to do us harm, but - as its leaders repeatedly insinuate - they are out to destroy Israel.

Let us then be up and doing, in an arena in which we could be VERY effective. You are not being asked to climb Himalayas. You are asked to buy Ahava, and buy Sodastream, and see entertainers who defy the BDS boycott.

Join the Soldiers of defense of the Israeli economy. If we shall act in unison,


Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Ervin Birnbaum

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