Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Iranian leaders are laughing

The Iranian leaders are laughing

By Chana Givon

The Iranian leaders are laughing - because the joke's on us.

The free world will have much to regret with the agreement that has just been revealed;  we will rue the day that such a dangerous deal has been made with the devil.

Teheran is celebrating because as Rouhani has said-  'Iran got all that it wanted'. If that is so it means that we did not get what we needed!

Obama and Kerry have issued statements claiming that Iran's nuclear capability has been limited; anyone who has kept track of the proceedings - the constant adjustment of red lines according to the demands of the ayatollahs - can see that both men are delusional and the reality is that the West will not have a moment's peace of mind now for fear of a sudden nuclear attack; there is no strict monitoring system.  Weapons of mass destruction do not differentiate between political parties or ethnicity.

That twosome - so desperate for a legacy - cannot claim victory; it is nothing less than surrender to a rogue regime that has been supplying weapons to terrorist proxies Hamas and Hezbollah for attacks on Israel.  Now it can freely extend its evil with the billions of dollars that it will receive according to the agreement.

The President has already announced that he will veto any veto of the  plan. The man who promised hope and change has brought chaos and despair - certainly on the international scene where he has sided with terrorists rather than with friends.  There is no calm in countries like Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other nations in the Middle East; they understand Iran and the dangers ahead much better than the American administration that has arrogantly claimed to 'know better'.

Congress is opposed to the deal as it is and many citizens are expressing their outrage. We can only hope that Mr. Obama's Democratic friends on whom he is counting for support will come to their senses and recognize that they will be on the receiving end of the blame - if anyone survives the horror of nuclear confrontation that is being set up now.  One cannot expect neighbors of Iran to sit by without a nuclear race of their own.  Those who are mainly concerned with the American economy and other domestic issues will find that a nuclear attack can wipe out the benefits in a split second. The dangerous deal with Iran is the most important issue today!!!

The script for the future is being written now.  It is time for Americans to stand up and denounce the plot!!  Call the White House and member of Congress and demand that the agreement be thrown out and stringent sanctions be re-imposed immediately on Iran.

in beloved Jerusalem

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