Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Impact of Islam on the Life of Sister Mariam Baouardy, One of the "Palestinians" Canonized By Pope Francis

Thank you to Julia Lutch for providing this.

One of the newly canonized saints, Sister Mariam Baouardy, daughter of Greek Catholics, was born in 1848 in Galilee and apparently this is enough for her to be designated as a "Palestinian." Her parents died when Mary was only two, and she was raised by a paternal uncle, who moved her to Alexandria, Egypt when she was eight. At age 13, she refused an arranged marriage. As punishment for her disobedience, her uncle hired her out as a domestic servant. A Muslim servant with whom she worked "befriended" her, with an eye to converting her to Islam. On 8 September 1858, Mary convinced him she would never abandon her Christian faith; in response he cut her throat and dumped her in an alley. Mary lived and chose to pursue a religious life.

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