Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dear New York Times: I Must Decline Your Offer

I have received your invitation to resubscribe to the New York Times at a discount.  I must decline that offer.

When I cancelled my subscription earlier this year, I informed you that the reason for that cancellation was my anger and disappointment that your obvious bias against Israel was demonstrated clearly by your editorials and Op-Ed columns.  Even worse, you allowed that bias to openly pervade the supposedly objective coverage in your news section.  I told you that I would consider subscribing again in the future if, and only if, you took the necessary steps to provide fair and objective reporting and, at a minimum, more balance in your selection of editorials and individual columns on the subject.

Judging from the many editorials, columns, and news articles pointed out to me by friends who still read your paper, you have done nothing to curtail the demonstration of such pervasive bias on this subject.  Accordingly, I still do not want your newspaper to come into my home at any price.  As I previously informed you, until I see evidence of a significant change in your policy toward Israel, I will not consider subscribing to your paper again.  Please do not bother to send me any more offers.

Howard Rosenthal
Sarasota, Florida

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