Thursday, August 16, 2012

Is there a better word to use than "culture?"

Sent to the Boston Globe in the aftermath of the Palestinian Arab pique over hearing an obvious truth about the reasons their economy isn't so great.

As of today, more than three weeks after the article was published, the Boston Globe has published five letters relating to the article. Of those five, four have been biased against Israel and only one was not biased against Israel.

This letter, not being biased against Israel, has not been published.

To the editor:

The article "Romney provokes Palestinian outrage," published July 31, showed a lack of understanding both of history and current reality; the letters published August 2 about that article did nothing to enlighten anyone.

Roughly 95 percent of the Arabs living in the disputed territories have been living under the Palestinian Authority, not the so-called "Israeli occupation," for nearly two decades. Ironically, the conditions under which they live improved dramatically only during the period Israel administered those areas.

Particularly ironic are the complaints about "border-crossing restrictions," especially given the alleged desire of the Palestinian Arabs for their own state. After all, one of the obvious consequences of being a citizen is needing permission to enter other states.

Based on actions, it would appear Israel is far more interested in establishing a Palestinian Arab state than the Palestinians themselves, whose present leader, the so-called "moderate" Mahmoud Abbas, has refused to even negotiate with Israel since ignoring an offer in 2008 for independence in the equivalent of all the disputed territory.

Maybe there's a better word to use than culture, but the key to improving their economic conditions lies mostly with the Palestinian Arabs.


Alan H. Stein

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