Friday, July 22, 2011

Is media conspiring with terrorism? Yes.

This was sent as a letter to The Register Citizen of Torrington, Connecticut by a PRIMER activist who asked that it be published without using his or her name. Like most papers, The Register Citizen does not publish anonymous letters and did not publish this, but the message remains a strong  one.

The recent Op-Ed piece, "Is media conspiring with terrorism?" blatantly ignores the reality of the past 63 years.  I've followed the reality in real time.  During that entire period the Islamic and secular Arab world's intention has been abundantly clear.  They simply cannot stomach the presence of a Jewish state of any size, whether the borders correspond to the lines of 1947, 1948-1967 or the present.

The PLO was formed before 1967 when the West Bank and Gaza were still under Arab control, so its aim had to be to "liberate" Tel Aviv, Haifa and the rest of the world's only Jewish state. In 2000, Yasser Arafat not only rejected an incredibly generous offer to set up a Palestinian Arab state in virtually all of the disputed territories, including parts of Israel's capital, but responded by launching a brutal terrorist offensive. In 2008, Mahmoud Abbas didn't even deign to respond to an even more generous offer that would have effectively given him all the disputed territory and has refused to negotiate with Israel for more than two and a half years.

It's not only Hamas whose charter (, Article 7) calls for the destruction of Israel; so do the basic documents of the supposedly "moderate" Fatah (, Articles 8 and 12) and the PLO (, Articles 19, 1 and 2).

Israel would love to negotiate with a Palestine that truly believes in peaceful coexistence.  But how do you negotiate with an enemy whose objective is your complete destruction?

If there's any media conspiracy, it's to keep the public ignorant of those critical facts. In doing so, de facto, the media is indeed conspiring with terrorism.

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