Monday, June 27, 2011

Ripley's Believe It or Not: UN Chief Praises Tehran's Anti-Terror Initiative

From the FARS News Agency, "Iran's leading independent news agency."

TEHRAN (FNA)- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon praised Tehran's initiative and efforts in holding the First International Conference on the Global Fight against Terrorism, and described it as a major move and gathering in the war on terrorism.

In a written massage to the conference read by UN Envoy to Tehran Mohammad Rafi al Din Shah, Ki-moon appreciated the Islamic Republic of Iran for holding the very important conference.

Also in his message, the UN chief said the world body has approved a large number of resolutions against terrorism in recent years, "and holding conferences like the Tehran conference can be considerably helpful in implementing these resolutions".

"The UN has an important role in fighting terrorism and I hope that the Tehran conference can attain great goals," he added.

Ban Ki-moon further underlined in his message that terrorism is not a political but a universal phenomenon "that we should fight firmly".

"Moving towards negotiation and recognition among nations according to the UN charter, having friendly relations with nations and improving relations among them and performing humanistic activities are some of the important strategies against terrorism," the UN Chief reiterated.

The International Conference on Global Fight against Terrorism officially started work here in Tehran on Saturday with several high-ranking officials and international figures in attendance.

The event has brought together senior officials from at least 60 countries, and representatives from several international organizations including the UN.

Presidents of Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Iraq as well as senior dignitaries and officials from different world states and world bodies have attended the conference.

The chief executives of a number of states, including the Armenian president, are also due to join the conference today.

The event, arranged under the slogan of "A World Without Terrorism", is aimed at increasing international convergence and coordination in fighting terrorism.

The topics to be discussed in the two-day summit include various aspects of fighting terrorism, reasons behind the increasing trend of terrorist activities in the world, challenges and obstacles in the way of fighting terrorism, and enhancing appropriate counter-terrorism means and strategies on bilateral, regional and international levels.

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