Friday, May 20, 2011

The Real Issue: Ethnic Cleansing

This is from Rabbi Shaul Praver of Congregation Adath Israel in Newtown, Connecticut. Rabbi Praver is also the host of the Rabbi Rock cable access television show and a former "CAMERA Letter Writer of the Year."

President Obama tells Israel to pull back to 1967 borders and allow for a self-governing Palestinian state. Do you agree with this?

In my humble opinion:

This is not the first question that we need to ask. Here is the bigger question which everybody needs to address: Let's say for a moment that the land were divided as President Obama suggested; back to the 67 line, Why can't the Jews who live on the "Palestinian" side of the border continue to live in their homes under the Palestinian flag just like Arab-Muslims live on the Israel side of the border under the Israeli Flag? Why is there a demand for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judah and Samaria?

Moreover, if the "Palestinians" were really for a Palestinian state, they'd respect the rights of their Jewish Minority just as Israel respects the rights of the Arab Muslim minority in Israel. And specifically because there is a demand for total ethnic cleansing of Jews from the communities they've built on the "Palestinian" side of the 67 border, such a two-state solution is being discussed in bad faith, and the move is just trying to prop up the "Palestinian" power base for continued demands and "Para-military" actions directed towards the total ethnic cleansing of Jews from all parts of Israel as clearly spelled out in the Hamas charter. The Hamas charter is now the Fatah charter once again because of the unity government just formed between these two political entities of "Palestinians."

Any kind of real peace between Israelis and "Palestinians" starts with the way in which each group treats the other group of people; as such, the discussion about Land and borders only diverts everyone from the real issue; and that is what is being discussed is not so much a division of land but a negotiated ethnic cleansing of the Jews from the cradle of their civilization.

Whereas, a two state solution could be negotiated if the Palestinians simply acknowledged that the Jews are indigenous to Israel and as such they have a right to live in Israel and "Palestine" just as the Arab Muslims have a right to live in both Israel and "Palestine." The question of borders is easily solved once this basic respect for people is in place.

In conclusion, The "Palestinian" demands for total ethnic cleansing of Jews from "Palestine" show that the real goal is the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the Middle East. It all starts with recognition of the Jews and Israel by the "Palestinians." Then everything else is possible.

Let me be clear, the "Palestinian" demand for a state is acceptable, but the "Palestinian" demand for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from "Palestine" is not acceptable. If one has trouble understanding this, just put the shoe on the other foot.

What if Israel said, "OK we'll allow for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from "Palestine" if the "Palestinians" allow for a simultaneous ethnic cleansing of Muslims from Israel?" Of course this can't fly - and so why is the ethnic cleansing of Jews any more acceptable. It is all unacceptable. We can't solve the issue of borders until we solve the issue of people.

(By the way, the only reason I have the word "Palestine and "Palestinians" in quotation marks is simply because at the moment, there is no state of "Palestine" it is being negotiated. If it comes to pass than I will take the quotations marks off those words.)

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There is NO Santa Claus said...

I disagree!

The real issue is anti-Semitism.

As I always say: "In a world void of anti-Semitism, the War Against Israel couldn't exist."

Just in case you haven't noticed, President O'Bama rarely (if ever) seems to mention anti-Semitism when discussing American policy regarding the War Against Israel.