Sunday, August 22, 2010

Concerning the Israeli-Palestinian Issue

This was sent to PRIMER by activist Edward Wood. The closing observations that Israel's enemies are America's enemies and of the importance of recognizing that are particularly important.

The truth of the matter is, as I see it, is that the decades of negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis were and continue to be nothing more than buying time for the enemies of Israel to strengthen their positions. The Palestinians and their allies have never been serious about wanting their own state co-existing alongside Israel - they want their own state to exist INSTEAD of Israel. Organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah which essentially are running the show have made this crystal clear.

Should the negotiations ever get to a point where a fledgling Palestinian state comes to exist, the West Bank is the most likely location for it. We have already seen how well this has worked out in microcosm with Gaza the past five years, haven't we?

In my opinion, there is no way the Muslim world will ever accept the existence of Israel for many reasons. We have the long-standing ancestral animosity between the sons of Ishmael and the sons of Jacob.

The advent of Islam has only added yet another unresolvable bone of contention between them and the democracy practiced in Israel is itself an affront to the authoritarian regimes which surround it. Even when the Palestinians were given a choice they chose the terrorist organization of Hamas to represent them, whose attitude toward Israel is as we've already stated above.

Lest we forget, we still have a rearmed Hezbollah on Israel's northern border and Iran with its soon-to-be fully operational nuclear reactor just waiting for the right moment to make all their dreams of causing Israel to cease to exist come true. And if that horror ever did come to pass, I have no doubt that this would not settle the matter as the next step would be to seek out the Jews they "missed" in the rest of the world, along with anyone else which stood in their way.

It continues to amaze me still that we Aemricans haven't seem to come to the realization that Isael's enemies are OUR ENEMIES! The God in whom we trust and the freedom under which we live are offensive to them and they will never be satisfied until we are all gone. And until this nation comes to understand that, we are just making this goal that much easier for them to attain.

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