Thursday, April 15, 2010

Obama's Anti-Israel Hostility

This letter was published in the Connecticut Jewish Ledger April 16, 2010.

Mayor Ed Koch is right ("All the King's Horses and All the King's Men" by Ed Koch, April 2, 2010). Barack Hussein Obama's anti-Israel hostility is clear. First, Obama fails to take effective action against Iran's nuclear threat, instead appeasing Iran and pressuring Israel not to attack that threat. He thus places Israel in mortal peril.

Second, he seized on an Israeli "gaffe" to condemn publicly and humiliate Israel for simply building in her eastern, historic and Jewish part of her capital, while failing to condemn the Palestinian Arab Authority for honoring an Arab terrorist who had killed at least 37 persons, including an American and 13 children. At the same time Obama ignored Israel's prior sacrifices for peace, which cost her 1000 killed, over 4000 wounded and maimed, and unremitting rocket attacks.

Third, he humiliated Israel's leader, Prime Minister Netanyahu, at the White House, by barring any public ceremony, instead issuing ultimatums such as ending building in eastern Jerusalem and withdrawing Israeli forces to positions held in September, 2000, prior to the second Arab terror onslaught - without any regard to Israel's legitimate security interests. As Washington Post correspondent Jackson Diehl stated, "Obama has added more poison to a U.S.-Israeli relationship...."

As a result, Obama has stalled Israel-Arab negotiations because Palestinian Arabs believe they need not make concessions because "Obama will force them all from Israel."

As a Jerusalem Post commentator has stated, "American Jews face a president who radiates hostility towards Israel. Will they have the courage to stand up."

Daniel R. Schaefer

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