Sunday, February 7, 2010

Abbas Again Plays the Clown

The Jerusalem Post article Abbas disappointed with US stance closes with the paragraph:
Abbas said there was no point for him to run for president again, since "the way to a diplomatic solution is blocked… but I urge the countries of the world: don’t let the Palestinians descend to a state of utter desperation."

Both thoughts are rather absurd.

Abbas himself is blocking the way to a diplomatic solution, refusing to even negotiate with Israel despite the fact that the major components of all negoations are Israeli concessions and creating another Palestinian Arab state. Thus, by giving the blockage of a diplomatic solution as a reason to not run for the top post of the Palestinian Authority, he is essentially blaming that decision on himself.

Of course, since he also isn't holding any elections and has illegally had his term of office extended, he is essentially the PA leader for life anyway.

In pleading with the world to not let the Palestinian Arabs descend to a state of utter desperation, he is pleading with the world to save them from themselves, since it is the Palestinian Arabs themselves, along with their Arab brethren, who have insisted on their own misery, preferring to use it as a weapon against Israel.

The sad wisdom of Golda Meir unfortunately remains true: peace won't come until the Palestinian Arabs stop putting their hatred of the only free and democratic state in the Middle East, Israel, above their own welfare.

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