Monday, May 4, 2009

AIPAC Policy Conference: Shimon Peres

"For us, making history is making peace."

"The Middle East finds itself in the shadow of a nuclear threat. We shall not give up. We shall not surrender. We shall not lose our our nerve, our strength, and determination, and courage."

"At one time, Iranian leaders wanted to enrich history; today, Iranian leaders want to enrich uranium."

Iran is not threatened by anyone. Iran arms Hezbollah and Hamas. Their agents target American, Europeans and other people.

Today the challenge is to separate religion from terror.
There should be no more war, no more terror, o more death. This is our position.

Compromise requires two conditions:
1. peace should be real, mutually respected. All children should be free from war, children from all nations.
2. Peace should enable Israel to protect its people.

"The Palestinian people have the right to govern themselves. We don't want to be their masters."

I have a simple question: Why wait? Israel is prepared to bring peace closer. There is no difference between America's position and our position. We want peace to move ahead swiftly as soon as possible.

History is on the side of peace. History is on our side. I'm sure.'

The Saudi's gave birth to a peace initiative in 2002, to negotiate with Israel, to live with Israel, to make peace with Israel.

Israel wasn't a partner to the wording of the initiative and doesn't have to respect every word, but hopes it will be translated to real action, the sooner the better.

We trust President Obama will find a way to open meaningful bilateral negotiations.

Let us make no mistake: the present government of Israel will abide by the commitments of the previous government.

Peace is not necessarily the result of detailed negotiations; peace bears from the soil like a geyser. It is beautiful to behold and impossible to retain.

I'm sure a day will come, I'm sure it's not far away when the Jewish people will live on their piece of land, Israel will become a peaceful country and a beacon of light among the nations, beating swords into plowshares.

Let us all ask ourselves: What must we do today to make a better tomorrow?

Let's make this generation the last to know conflict, the last to know bloodshed. Let's make this generation the first to know redemption. It will make our heritage our destiny.

When I look ahead, I see a world of ongoing progress.

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