Sunday, March 2, 2008

Comment and Analysis: U.S. calls for end to continued violence, return to peace talks

Some include comments from the article U.S. calls for end to continued violence, return to peace talks by Shlomo Shamir, published by Haaretz along with some PRIMER analyses.

Comment: The United States called on Sunday for an end to clashes between Israel and the Palestinians and a resumption of peace negotiations after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas suspended talks with Israel.

[Analysis: One can't resume something that never started. It would be very nice if the Arabs would stop trying to murder Israelis and enter into real negotiations.]

Comment: "The violence needs to stop and the talks need to resume," White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said.

[Analysis: See Above.]

Comment: "[Rice's] plans remain intact," department spokesman Rob McInturff said, adding: "We're encouraging Israel to exercise caution to avoid the loss of innocent life."

[Analysis: That's good to hear, since that is exactly what Israel has been doing.]

Comment: The U.S. statement was one a of a growing number of international voices calling on Israel to cease its attacks on the Gaza Strip.

[Analysis: Oops. Maybe McInturff didn't really mean what he said.]

Comment: The European Union and Turkey on Sunday joined the United Nations in condemning what it calls the "disproportionate" use of force by the Israel Defense Forces in Gaza after more than 60 Palestinians were killed in the highest single day toll since fighting erupted in 2000.

[Analysis: Interesting thought. The Arabs in Hamastan have launched thousands of missiles at Israel civilians; a proportionate use of force would seem to be the launching of thousands of missiles at Arab civiians.]

Comment: In a statement, the EU urged Israel to halt activities that endanger civilians saying they were contrary to international law.

[Analysis: Isn't Hamas the party that's not only endangering civilians by launching terror attacks from within residential areas, but also targeting civilians? Isn't that contrary to international law?

Does the EU have any suggestions regarding what actions Israel might take to save lives that would be "proportionate?"

What has the EU done during the past eight years to get the Palestinian Arabs from murdering innocent Israelis?]

Comment: It also called for an immediate end to Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli territory and insisted that the peace process should not be interrupted.

[Analysis: What peace process?]

Comment: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the attacks are killing children and civilians and that the attacks can have no humanitarian justification.

[Analysis: Is he talking about the attacks from Hamastan, whose purpose is to kill children and civilians? Or is he talking about the defensive measures Israel is taking, which are meant to save the lives of children and civilians?]

Comment: Turkey is Israel's closest ally in the Muslim world and has offered to mediate for Middle East peace. But Erdogan said Sunday that Israel was rejecting a diplomatic solution to the dispute.

[Analysis: Not much of an ally.

Terrorists have been launching thousands of Kassams at Israeli civilians for the last eight years. Given that there has been no progress towards a "diplomatic solution" during that time — indeed, the terrorism from Hamastan has only increased — what makes Erdogan think a "diplomatic solution" is on the horizon?

Perhaps Erdogan might first try a "diplomatic solution" with the Kurds he just went after in Iraq? If he succeeds there using diplomatic means, perhaps he might share the wisdom he gains.]

Comment: Earlier, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued a similar condemnation of he termed Israel's "excessive and disproportionate" response to Palestinian rocket fire, while also denouncing the ongoing rocket attacks on Israeli towns and cities.

[Analysis: Precisely what is "excessive and disproportionate" about Israel's defensive measures? Perhaps some of Israel's critics might suggest alternatives?]

Comment: The government of Mauritania, one of the only Arab League nations to have diplomatic ties with Israel, called on Israel to stop the "bloodbath" in Gaza, and thousands of protesters took to the streets Sunday.

[Analysis: Israel is trying to stop the bloodbath.]

Comment: Ban spoke at an emergency Security Council session on the escalation of violence in Gaza, where the body expressed "deep concern" over the fighting.

[Analysis: Perhaps if the UN didn't condemn Israel every time it tried to save lives, it might save some lives.]

Comment: "While recognizing Israel's right to defend itself, I condemn the disproportionate and excessive use of force that has killed an injured so many civilians, including children," Ban told the emergency session of the council.

[Analysis: There's never an emergency session when Israelis are being slaughtered, but as soon as Israel acts to prevent slaughters, the UN jumps into actions.]

Comment: "I call on Israel to cease such attacks," he said.

[Analysis: If the UN did its job, there wouldn't be a need for Israel to act.]

Comment: The permanent Palestinian observer to the United Nations, Riyad Mansour, said Israel's actions, including the closure of all border crossings into Gaza, were war crimes.

[Analysis: Israel doesn't control the crossings between Egypt and Gaza. It has a right to control traffic between Israel and Hamastan. The only war crime involved is the targeting of Israeli civilians by terrorists from Hamastan, Judea and Samaria.]

Comment: "Such actions are clearly prohibited by international law and are being committed by the occupying power on a scale and scope amounting to war crimes," Mansour told the council.

[Analysis: Mansour has apparently been out of touch for at least two and a half years. Israel completely left Gaza long ago.]

Comment: The council was to consider a Libyan draft resolution that would condemn Israel for killing Palestinian civilians. The Libyan draft resolution, has the council "expressing grave concern ... about the killings of innocent civilians, including the killing of several Palestinian children as a result of recent Israeli military attacks in the Gaza Strip."

[Analysis: Libya is, of course, a paragon of virtue. Perhaps there would be less loss of civilian lives in Hamastan if the terrorists didn't launch their attacks from the middle of residential areas.]

Comment: It also calls for "an immediate cessation of all acts of violence, including military attacks" and urges Israel "to immediately open the Gaza Strip's border crossings."

[Analysis: The better to enable Hamas to bring in more weapons and terrorists, the better to murder Israelis.]

Comment: The draft does not mention the months of daily Palestinian rocket fire against Israel.

[Analysis: Of course not.]

Comment: Pope Benedict on Sunday appealed for an end to the conflict in Gaza, calling on both Israelis and Palestinians to unconditionally halt the violence.

[Analysis: If it would be a permanent halt, fine; if it would be a temporary hudna serving the purpose of enabling Hamas to build up its terror capability even further, to better murder Jews in the future, that would be counterproductive.]

Comment: "Only by showing absolute respect for human life, even if it is that of the enemy, can one hope to give a future of peace and coexistence to both of those peoples who have their roots in the Holy Land," he said in his Sunday address.

[Analysis: Pope Benedict should read the Hamas charter.]

Comment: "I renew my pressing appeal to the authorities, both Israeli and Palestinian, to stop this spiral of violence, unilaterally, unconditionally," he told pilgrims and tourists in St Peter's Square.

[Analysis: See above.]

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