Sunday, December 2, 2007

Terrorism 101: Becoming a Palestinian Authority Policeman

According to the IDF and Shin Bet, twenty-nine year old father of two Ido Zoldan was murdered the night before the Annapolis summit by three Palestinian Authority policemen, Daper Barham, Abdullah Barahm and Fadi Jama. The first two, members of Fatah, have been arrested by Israel. The third is in PA custody, so we can expect him to be released shortly. If precedent holds, we can expect the Palestinian Authority to name soccer tournaments after them.

The good news is a report the IDF expects Israeli politicians to rethink its foolhardy policy of strengthening Mahmoud Abbas in light of this further evidence of his own police being involved in terrorism.

Israel has gone through a decade and a half of excusing terrorism emanating from the Palestinian Authority with the rationale the PA isn't strong enough to prevent it. Obviously, if the PA isn't strong enough to prevent terror, it's also not strong enough to adhere to any agreement, in which case it's pointless to negotiate with it until that time comes.

It's not only pointless, but it's counterproductive. It's long past time to insist the Palestinian Arabs adhere to the agreements they've already made, not to mention show a willingness to compromise, before Israel makes even more concessions.

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