Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Palestinian Arab Hypocrisy

According to the New York Times, with the release of funds to the Palestinian Authority now that it has been separated from Hamas, "more than 150,000 Palestinian Authority civil servants and security force members loyal to the new emergency government appointed by President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah will receive a full monthly salary on Wednesday from Palestinian money for the first time in 17 months."

On the other hand, "about 20,000 public sector employees allied with the Hamas-led government of Ismail Haniya, whom Mr. Abbas fired as prime minister, will not be paid from the authority coffers."

When Israel refused to give the Palestinian Authority money with which it would have paid Hamas terrorists, Abbas was harshly critical, as he was of others in the international community who refused to directly fund a Hamas-led government. Now Abbas is essentially doing the same thing.

This hypocrisy is not really surprising; Israel's enemies have never been shy about accusing Israel of actions they themselves are guilty of.

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